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The Sussex Cricket Fixture Bureau’s primary aim is to link cricket clubs looking for fixtures. In addition, the Bureau will be unique in its ability to provide information on all things relevant to Sussex based recreational cricket.

  • Limited Overs Game: 8, 9, 10 or 11 a Side either 20/20 – 30/30 or 40/40 Please put number of players and overs into the Comment Box when requesting a Fixture
    Traditional Timed Game: Please put length of time into the Comment Box when requesting a Fixture
    Evening Game: Please put number of players and overs into the Comment Box when requesting a Fixture
    Transition Game: Designed to give youngsters and friendly, positive introduction to senior cricket. Teams consist of 4 experienced, adult players, ideally including 1 or more coaches known to the 7 youngsters making up the team. The main aim is the 14 youngsters involved, giving them the right experience, learning what senior cricket is about, helping to score and umpire (with senior player help) getting regular input rom the senior players. The exact make up of the teams, age and experience of the boys, degree of competitiveness is up to the 2 captains to agree well before the day and and confirmed during the game. Ideally the 2 Captains should and trust each other to stick to the spirit agreed up front.
    Dads and Lads (can include Mums and / or Girls): A friendly format promoting cricket to the whole family, a good way of enticing a few Dads back into playing or being standby players. As with all friendly cricket, Clubs / Captains need to ensure both teams have same objective of involvement over competitiveness. The other advantage is that players come in 2’s or 3’s so often easier to raise a team. Can be played 10 or 12 a side or often teams have a father with 2 sons.
    6 a side Festivals: Played over one day you can rotate players if teams so wish. Plenty of gaps in the field, so plenty of runs, each innings 5 overs so all bowl 1 except the keeper (can change keepers for next game).


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